Friday, August 25, 2023

Simple Wood Pocket DIY Organizer

 Hello there and happy Friday!

Dollar Tree DIY Wall Storage Decor

Some days I feel like I spend most of my free time trolling the internet for inspiration.

Thankfully, I'm rarely disappointed getting inspired!

Wood wall pocket organizer

I saw the above wood ensemble and decided it would be my DrEAMi (drop everything and make it) project for August! I didn't need three so I decided to try and make my own version of the middle organizer.

I went to Dollar Tree to get supplies:

Keep in mind all Dollar Tree products are not made consistently, try to pick 3 wood rounds that line up as close to perfect as possible!

Assembly steps:

  1. Dollar tree wood rounds are thin so I glued two together - aligning the holes in the top
  2. Cut the third round in half - glue the halves together
  3. Glued one wood cube 1/4 inch down from the halfway point on the whole wood round on both ends
  4. Measured and trimmed the jute rope to fit between the wood cubes
  5. Glued rope in place - stacking rope onto rope until I reached the height of the cubes - mine was 4 layers deep - making sure the curves of the rope align with the bottom of the wood round
    Wood Pocket Organizer DIY

  6. Painted all pieces, wood and rope with Waverly's Antique Wax - let dry
  7. Glued the wood halves onto the whole wood round 
  8. When gluing I made sure to align the half wood to the cubes on top and the rope on bottom
  9. Added small nails on the end portion of the half wood to ensure the bond to the cubes was strong and secure
  10. Created a beaded hanger with twine - threaded the hanger through existing holes
I could see the small nail heads on the front so I added the trim of lace. I could have added more antique wax but felt that might make it super noticeable.

I was feeling so pleased with my efforts I added a vinyl decal saying "You Totally Got This"!

Wood Pocket Organizer - Cricut Wood Idea

I'm currently using the wood pocket organizer to store my printed open orders.

Dollar Tree Wood DIY Decor

Until next time craft the life you love❣

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  1. Hi Karla! This is exactly why I love following your blog. You always have fun, creative, and functional projects that are so well done. You seriously have a wonderful gift and talent, and I'm so glad you are able to put it to use. Nice job! Happy Friday! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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