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Empty Liquor Bottle Vase Ideas

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Liquor Bottle Vases

We are a family that enjoys a good drink on a regular basis and save many of the bottles so that the recycling guy doesn't judge us 😉  I love all the shapes and sizes that are used to make liquor bottles special and really enjoy giving new life to the empty bottles as vases to decorate our home.

Sometimes it can be time consuming and frustrating removing labels from the bottles but the beauty of the finished item makes the removal journey so worth it. I don't have a secret method for label removal - I start with soaking in hot soapy water and then go from there! If you have a tried and true method please feel free to share!

I like to spray paint the liquor bottles and pair them with floral and greenery to add a bit of cheer in my home especially for holiday and seasonal decorating. I use Rust-O-Leum 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint, it provides great coverage, smooth finish, dries quickly, and comes in a variety of colors. Although it is not specified for glass, I find it sticks well and I haven't had any peeling issues.

Today I am sharing a few examples of how I gave new life to empty liquor bottles from our recycling bin.

Halloween - Jack O Lantern

Empty Liquor Bottle Halloween Vase Decor

Empty Liquor Bottle Halloween Vase Decor

Empty Liquor Bottle Halloween Decor Vase with Vinyl

Bottles used here were originally Tequila and Whiskey. I used Rust -O-Leum 2X Ultra Cover Gloss in Real Orange for these and added Jack O Lantern faces cut from adhesive vinyl using my Cricut Joy machine. Flower picks were purchased on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics.

Personalized Vase

Empty Liquor Bottle Vase Personalized with Vinyl

This bottle was originally Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey - my personal favorite!

I used Rust-O-Leum 2X Ultra Cover Metallic in Oil Rubbed Bronze for this vase. I cut the letter G out of metallic adhesive foil vinyl in gold with my Cricut Joy and wrapped the neck of the bottle with twine. The floral bundle was purchased from Hobby Lobby. I made the lovely mat under the bottle using nautical rope and bamboo wood rings. I was inspired by something I saw while shopping and decided to create my own version.

JOY Wine Bottle Decor

JOY Christmas wine bottle decor using Cricut

I used Rust-O-Leum 2X Ultra Cover Gloss Spray Paint in white for these larger wine bottle vases. I wrapped red black gingham plaid ribbon near the bottom of each wine bottle securing with hot glue. The J & Y were cut on my Cricut Joy using red adhesive vinyl, and I glued a small wooden snowflake representing the letter O to the middle bottle.  The red glitter branches were purchased from JoAnn Fabrics.

Wine Bottle - Cutting

Liquor Bottle Upcycle

This was originally a wine bottle  -- I was teaching myself how to use a glass cutter. I definitely need more practice. I decided not to paint the vase fearing that the paint would show the imperfections in my cutting. I stuffed the glass vase with ornament filler, pine cones, and fairy lights. I made the riser out of scrap wood with a matching wreath ring using the same vase filler items.

Bourbon Bottle Vases

Upcycled Bourbon Bottle Flower Vases

These were originally bourbon bottles I spray painted using the Rust-O-leum 2X Ultra Cover Satin Spray in Blossom White and Heirloom White. I was going for a more rustic look so I used lace, burlap, and twine to dress up the vases. I made the rustic wooden candle holders shown in the photo, I plan to write how I made them in a future post. The eucalyptus stems were also from my clearance haul from JoAnn Fabrics.

The last vase I have to share was originally a flavor infused Olive Oil bottle.

Flower Vase - Infused Oil Bottle - Upcycle

I used black Rust-O-Leum American Accents 2X Ultra Cover Matte Spray paint on this vase.

If you were planning to up-cycle your old liquor bottles into something beautiful and functional, I hope I have inspired you with these vases!

Until next time, craft the life you love❣

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