Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Clothesepin Craft Ideas

Hello there...happy Tuesday!

Did you know that crafting with clothespin was a thing?

I remember using those wooden pins to help my grandmother hang laundry when I was younger. 

50 years later I'm having fun with those same wooden pins making really cute crafts.

I found a list of several clothespin craft ideas over at and

Jack - O - Lantern Door Hanger

Halloween Door Hanger, Closepin Decor Craft, Jack O Lantern Craft

This was fun to make with my grand daughter. I bought two packages of 100 clothespins from Walmart. I think we used 85 closepins for this wreath.  The base is a pizza pan from Dollar Tree, we simply clipped the clothespins to the pizza pan.  I did the spray painting, and my granddaughter cut out the jack-o-lantern face. We used black vinyl also from the Dollar Tree, she traced the face details from one of her coloring books to the back of the vinyl. I added burlap ribbon to the back of the pizza pan to aid in hanging the wreath. 

Clothespin Mini Planters

When I saw this planter on homedit, I knew I had to make a couple for my home! I really didn't like the look of theirs, so I made a couple of changes. I used a small paper mache box for my base, and the big difference was removing the metal clip from each clothespin then gluing the wood pins to the box.

After gluing the wood pieces, I stained the flower pots using Miniwax Early American stain, added some rocks and a faux succulent that I added acrylic paint to.

Clothespin DIY Planter

Clothespin Basket Organizer

This last project was my favorite, I started with a broken wooden embroidery hoop, cardboard, and fabric. 

  • I cut the cardboard into 3 circles, using the embroidery hoop as my template. 
  • I then covered the cardboard circles with fabric. 
  • Glued all three cardboard circles together, with the fabric showing on the top and bottom 

  • To finish off the base I glued the embroidery hoop around the fabric covered cardboard circles. 

After removing the metal piece from each clothespin, I glued the wood pieces to the base I just created. Again I used the Early American stain to give color to the clothespins, added some twine and lace to dress it up and glued wooden beads on the bottom to serve as feet.

Clothespin Basket Organizer, Easy DIY Home Decor

 I am really impressed at how sturdy this basket is, I had no idea if this would work, but ultimately I'm quite pleased, I've placed several of my old perfume bottles in the basket.

Clothespin DIY Home Decor

Until next time happy crafting!!!

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