Thursday, March 30, 2023

Small Quilting Project: A Quilted Laptop Cover

 Hello there...happy Thursday!

The past of couple of years I've been on the go a lot and many of my friends refer to me as the traveling grammie!

Sometimes I struggle with having the right bag for my tech items when I travel. Depending on where I'm going and how long my stay is I could travel with a laptop, Kindle and IPad.

Over the next few posts I will show my pretty tech covers that eventually lay in the TSA plastic bins at airports! 😊

Favorites and Improv Patchwork

A member of the sewing group I belong to gave us a lesson on improv patchwork. She had us focus on favorites - something you can easily associate to a picture in your mind

It was a great class and I took what I learned that day and applied it to making a quilted cover for my laptop.

After determining the measurements I needed and using the Improv technique Kathy taught I made the following panels.

Favorite Quilt Block - Quilted Pocket Panel

Improv Log cabin quilt block, scrap quilt project, tech cover diy

My favorite quilt block is the log cabin, in all honesty I'm obsessed with them. The log cabin is such a diverse block with endless possibilities.  Most of the scraps used for the laptop pocket panel are scraps from my lucky charms table runners you can see here.

Favorite Fabrics - Quilted Front Panel

quilt crumbs patchwork, improv patchwork

Low volume prints are one of my favorite types of fabric. When possible they are my first choice when selecting fabric to use as a background.

Favorite Place - Quilted Back Panel

Improv patchwork

One of my favorite places is the backyard of my home. We live in Florida, have a swimming pool, a lanai, shade trees, and a wooden privacy fence. When I sit out there I truly know peace.


Once I sewed the three panels together and made the inside lining the laptop sleeve was finished.

Quilted Laptop Cover/Sleeve, Scrap Fabric Project

Quilted Laptop Sleeve

Until next time ....craft a life you love

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