Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Decoupage with Fabric

 Hello there and happy Tuesday!

I hate throwing things away, I'm always wondering how I can upcycle or repurpose them into other projects. This is especially true for my scrap fabrics.

Decoupaging with fabric is quick and easy way to spice up glass bottles or cardboard boxes instead of tossing them into recycling bins.

My first project was to decoupage the cardboard box shown in the above photo. I started by trimming loose threads on my scrap fabrics and ironing them flat. The scraps were all very small.

I then applied a thin layer of Mod Podge (a glue sealer and finish) to sections of the cardboard box and began sticking scrap fabric pieces onto the areas with the glue, overlapping when necessary to cover the entire box.

After the box was completely covered I applied another layer of Mod Podge. Once the box was dry it had a sheen that I didn't like. Although the label on the bottle read "matte" it was clearly a glossy finish!

Decoupage with fabric - Upcycle Cardboard

Decoupage With Fabric - Cardboard Box Upcycle

After all that work I decided to wrap the box with macrame rope, to hide the sheen. I then decorated the box with the word blessed, wood cuts on each side, added floral foam and faux sunflowers, mums to create a beautiful fall planter for my office.

Fall Decoupage with Fabric

I repeated the same steps using an empty whiskey bottle. The bright colored fabrics make this repurposed bottle/vase shine! 

Glass Bottle Upcycle Decoupage with Fabric

The batik fabrics give the vase a lovely texture and looks great with the fall cattails I added.

I'm so happy with my repurposed projects!  They were so fun to make!

Will you try fabric decoupage?

Until next time craft the life you love ❣

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