Wednesday, September 20, 2023

DIY Wall Art - Craft Stick Hexagon Shelf with Embroidery

 Hello friends and happy Wednesday!

I'm really enjoying home decor DIY projects, I find inspiration everywhere, not everything turns out as planned but the joy is in the journey.

Today I'm sharing a project I just finished that combines crafting and machine embroidery.

Our home has high ceilings and most of the time I have wall quilts hanging. I wanted to spice up the wall near the desk in my craft room.

My husband is a retired engineer who enjoys geometric designs, I was challenging myself to come up with something that would please both of us. Recently, I made this set of hexagon shaped placemats using black and white Kaffe Fassett prints.

Kaffe Fassett Hexagon Shaped Quilted Placemats

Hubby commented on how much he liked the placemats....I had one of those aha moments and I knew what I wanted to make!

Hexagon Shelf - Craft Sticks

I did some online research on hexagon wall art....there was lots of ideas out there, and I got real excited when I saw this video on youtube.

This is one completed unit....

I actually didn't do a great job with this one, I was watching TV and didn't realize my mistake until after the glue had dried.  Lesson learned...I moved on!

After I made 4 and stained them....I began to think what next?  I wanted to add something other than a plant or candle to the shelf unit.  With fall coming up I picked four of my favorite fall designs from Embroidery Library. I traced the back of the hexagon shelf to determine the size needed for the embroidery.

After stitching the designs, I trimmed the fabric and a piece of adhesive felt backing into the hexagon shape then glued them to the hexagon shelf.

Here they are hanging on the wall above my desk area in my sewing/craft room.

And a close up of the designs themselves. I selected fall designs that only used one color (thread), the maple leaf and pumpkin design are blackwork designs with really cool stitch patterns.

They aren't perfect but I'm super happy with the results. I learned a new technique so next time I'll be better!

Until next time craft a life you love ❣

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