Thursday, September 21, 2023

Easy 10 Inch Square (Layer Cake) Scrap Idea

 Hello friends and happy Thursday!

Perfectly Seasoned

I had approximately 20 layer cake squares from Sandy Gervais' Perfectly Seasoned collection in my stash.

In case you're not familiar with the term "layer cake", it is a collection of fabric by a designer measuring 10 x 10 inches square, usually 42 squares in the collection. Moda Fabrics coined the term "layer cake", but other fabric companies sell similar bundles naming them differently.

Perfectly Seasoned is an older collection, no longer available, featuring beautifully whimsical fall prints.

I didn't have a pattern in mind but wanted to create a new table runner and placemats.

Below isn't a tutorial or pattern, basically I'm just telling you how my mind works when sewing on the fly 😄


Cut 10 of the squares into 4 - 5 x 5 inch squares

Cut the remaining 10 inch squares into 4 - 2.5 x 10 inch rectangles

Sewing / Assembly

I sewed 24 of the 5 inch squares together to create the center patchwork of the table runner.

I then took the 2.5 x 10 inch rectangles to create borders around the center, making sure that the corner rectangles were the same fabric to make it more visually appealing.

The pictures above show a strong contrast between the corner square fabric and the border fabrics, this is what I meant by visual appeal.

The table runner measures 19 x 40 inches.

With the remaining squares and rectangles I made a set of two matching placemats.

I found a beautiful set of rust colored fall napkins at Hobby Lobby that complemented my newly created table runner and placemats.

While at Hobby Lobby I purchased a package of small wooden pumpkin cut outs and some small fall stencils to create napkin rings.

All in all I'm happy with the results and especially happy with the reduction in my 10 x 10 stash storage container!

Until next time craft the life you love ❣

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